5th Round

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Dr. Lucia Fraga-Vinas

Dr. Lucia Fraga-Vinas is a hired researcher at University of A Coruña (UDC), a professor at UNED. She is currently a visiting researcher at Universidade do Minho where she is doing a post-doctoral programme as part of the Spanish Government’s Excellence Scholarship “Margarita Salas” she obtained. She is a member of the research group DILEC (UDC) and CIEd (UMinho). Areas of research: TEFL, assessment, rubrics, CEFR, and plurilingualism.

education conference
Dr. Adam Haisraeli

Dr. Adam Haisraeli is the head of the Department of Education at Kibbutzim College of Education and a lecturer in the School of Education at Tel Aviv University. He was a postdoc fellow in Mofet Institute. His fields of research are inequality, ethnicity and class, pedagogical innovation in schools and parent–teacher relations.

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Prof. Dr. Noelia Mª Galán-Rodríguez

Prof. Dr. Noelia Mª Galán-Rodríguez is a professor at the Faculty of Education (Universidade da Coruña, UDC) where she teaches Foreign Language Teaching and Methodologies courses. She is also a member of the research group DILEC (UDC). Her research interests are affective and cognitive factors in FL learning, plurilingualism, intertextuality, transmedia narratives and popular culture.

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Dr. Grace Agbede

Dr. Grace Agbede is a postdoctoral fellow affiliated with the Transformation through Arts and Design Research Focus Group at the Durban University of Technology, South Africa. She holds a doctorate and master’s degrees from the Durban University of Technology in 2016 and 2019 respectively where she majored in Language Practice and a BA(Hons) in English from Babcock University. Agbede’s areas of research interests include visual discourse; stylistics; discourse and communication; marketing discourse; and sociocommunication. At present, her research projects include areas of higher education, research management, language and communication with a focus on mass media and society. Her latest publication is on “Research management in higher education institutions: Uncharted challenges and solutions.

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Prof Dr. Maria de Fátima Goulão

Prof Dr. Maria de Fátima Goulão is an assistant professor at Universidade Aberta. She graduated in Educational Psychology from Higher Institute of Applied Psychology in Lisbon, in 1994 She made, also, a Phd in Sciences Education, specialization in Adult Education from the Universidade Aberta, Lisbon, in 2002. She was Vice-President of Scientific Council at Universidade Aberta (Lisbon, Portugal) and Director of the Department of Social Sciences and Politics. She was the coordinator for the Training Course on Service, at Universidade Aberta, for secondary school teachers. She was, also, member of the Coordinating Council of the Department. She is member of the Department of Education and Distance Learning, of the Unit for Research and Development in Education and Training, Distance Learning Lab.

She is member of the scientific committee of the Ph.D. in Education – Specialization Education and Interculturality. She participated in several, national and international, Seminars and Congress’ where she presented works in the extent of distance education, application of ICT to the teaching and learning process, students support on online learning.
Nowadays, she continues to develop investigation in the areas mentioned previously. Her Area of Expertise is self-regulated learning on online learning, self-efficacy and calibration, distance education, adults education.

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Dr. Eyal Eckhaus

Dr. Eyal Eckhaus is a senior lecturer at the department of economics & business administration, Ariel University. He received his Ph.D. in management from Bar-Ilan University. His main research interests focus on data mining, happiness, and education. He is also a data scientist and developed content analysis software tools for research.

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Dr. Paweł Poszytek

Dr. Paweł Poszytek, PhD – General Director of the Polish National Agency of Erasmus+ Programme. Member of several working groups by the European Commission and the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Poland, coordinator of the Country profile Project implemented by the Council of Europe.

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Dr. Antonio Nevescanin

Dr. Antonio Nevescanin has a Bachelor’s degree in architecture and urban planning and finished at University of Split, in Croatia. He has a Masters degree and Ph.D. obtained at the Lodz University of Technology.

He is Currently working as an assistant professor at the Department of History of Architecture, Heritage Conservation, and Urban Regeneration at the Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning, Lodz University of Technology. Also, working as a practicing architect at the NOW architecture office in Lodz.

Main areas of interest are urban regeneration, 20th century architectural heritage and student education in the architecture field.

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Dr. Julie Lirot

Dr. Julie Lirot is the Assistant Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activity at Johns Hopkins University. Prior to her work as assistant director, she was the Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Program Design and Student mentoring in the office and a lecturer in Latin American literature and Spanish language at Hopkins. She received her PhD in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Literature and Culture from the University of Arizona.

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Mr. Theophilus Adedokun

Mr. Theophilus Adedokun is a Ph.D. candidate at the Durban University of Technology. He is a multidisciplinary researcher. His area of interest is Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) and a special focus on instructional technology for African indigenous languages on which he has several publications in reputable international DHET accredited journals. He holds a Master in Language Practice from the Durban University of Technology in 2020 and in the same year was awarded the Top Published Master student of the year in his faculty. He also holds an Honours degree in Language and Media and a Bachelor of Education (English Language) from the University of Kwazulu-Natal and Obafemi Awolowo University respectively. Theophilus currently serves as a Research Administrator in the Research and Postgraduate Support Directorate at the Durban University of Technology, South Africa.

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Mrs. Jadwiga Fila

Mrs. Jadwiga Fila, MA, Master of sociology at Jagiellonian University, where she specialized in social research and data analysis. Chief researcher at the Foundation for the Development of the Education System in Poland – Polish National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme and European Solidarity Corps, specializes in educational research, mainly in the area of higher education and international mobility.

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Mr. Mateusz Jeżowski

Mr. Mateusz Jeżowski – head of the Research and Analysis Department of the Polish national Agency of Erasmus+, Expert at the European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy of the Council of Europe and Youth Wiki National Correspondent. PhD candidate in Sociology. His research interest include: youth policy, formal, non-formal and informal education and university-industry relations.

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Mr. Andrew Warrick

Mr. Andrew Warrick is an English Teacher at Rikkyo University in Tokyo, Japan. He earned his M.A. in Sociology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in2010, and has been teaching English in Japan since 2007. His research interests include cognitive overload, CALL, WTC, and curriculum design. He has been a member of the Japan Association of Language Teaching since 2019.

Past Speakers

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Prof. Dr. Anna Moni

Prof. Dr. Anna Moni is MA (KU Leuven), MA (University of Venice), PhD candidate in Education and E-learning, (UOC Catalunya). She is Italian language instructor, instructional designer, graduate online tutor, and online faculty trainer, also author/co-author of textbooks for Italian language learning, and book chapters in peer-reviewed publications.Her research interest in technology-enhanced teaching and learning, and effective feedback in higher education.

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Prof. Edita Slunjski

Prof. Edita Slunjski is a professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb (Croatia), Also he is chair of the Section for Preschool Pedagogy at the Faculty & Head of the Postgraduate Doctoral Study Programme of Pedagogy at the Faculty.He is the president of the Croatian Pedagogical Society. He is Pedagogy of early childhood, preschool curriculum, alternative pedagogical concepts, leadership.

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Prof Ing. David Vaněček

Prof Ing, David Vaněček is an Associate Professor of teaching methodologies in Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, TU Prague, Czech Republic. He is specialized in technical teacher education, e-learning, teaching methodologies, virtual and augmented reality.

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Dr. Dennis Fung

Dr. Dennis Fung is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education. He has been engaged as principal investigator or co-investigator in several projects including ‘Effective Learning and Teaching of Science at the Junior Secondary Level Using English as the Medium of Instruction’ (HK$ 0.3M), ‘Promoting Assessment for Learning in Junior Secondary Science through Secondary Analysis of the Hong Kong Study of the TIMSS 2007 on Science’ (HK$ 0.5M) and ‘School Support Partners Scheme on Small Class Teaching’ (HK$ 0.5M) since joined HKU in 2010. One major focus of his current research is cooperative learning and MOI in science education. He had his undergraduate and post-graduate education at HKU and got his MPhil and PhD in Education at the University of Cambridge.

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Prof. Jae-Bong Yoo

Prof.  Jae-Bong Yoo, BA, M. Ed, Ph. D. is graduated from Institute of Education, London (1999).  Ph.D.in Philosophy of Education. His Current Positions are Professor of Education, Dept. of Education, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea (2001- ) & Director, SSKU Private Tutoring Innovation Education and Research Center (2016-). His Research Areas are liberal education, moral and religious education, shadow education.

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Prof. Dr. Dana Dobrovská

Prof Dr, Dana Dobrovská is an Associate Professor of psychology in Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, TU Prague, Czech Republic. She is Specialized in technical teacher education, educational psychology, teaching methodologies. She is also Long-term member of the International Society of Engineering Education IGIP, member of EC IGIP.

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Prof Dr.Adile Emel Sardohan Yildirim 

Akdeniz University, Turkey
Article Title: Determining the Needs of Pre-School Teachers Relating to the Special Education Process

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Dr.Hatixhe Ismajli 

University of Prishtina, Faculty of Education, Kosovo
Article Title:Teachers’ attitudes towards the effects of constructivist approach on learning outcomes: The case of Kosovo

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Prof. Dr.Siobhan O’ Sullivan 

College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Article Title: Rethinking Collaborative Group Learning in a Hybrid First Year Graduate Medical Degree Course in the Midst of a Pandemic

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Dr.Eunice Tan 

Harnessing The Interest of Children With Special Needs to Maximise Potential
Article Title: Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore

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Prof Dr.Goran Vlasic 

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics & Business, Croatia
Article Title: The Importance of School Image in Attracting the Best Pupils

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Prof Dr.Elena Papa 

Cyprus University Of Technology, Cyprus
Article Title: Harnessing the Strengths of Blended Learning

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Dr. Angsaya Siepong 

Stamford International University Bangkok, Thailand
Article Title: Investigating 21st Century Learning Skills and Students’ Inquisitiveness in Online Education Towards Competence Acquisition During the Covid-19 Situation

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Mr.Joseph Kwame Sarfo-Adu 

Gent University, Belgium

Article Title: Evaluating the Impact of Social Protection Programs on Beneficiaries: The Case of Ghana

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Ms.  Praeploy Amornsillaphachai

Ms.  Praeploy Amornsillaphachai, a full-time first-year medical student at Phramongkutklao College of Medicine in Bangkok, and part-time English tutor. Enthusiastic in healthcare along with the sociocultural aspect of the society. I was Thailand’s representative to join an international seminar about SDGs, and one of the best rookie speakers in the debate tournament.

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Ms. Katherine Munar

Ms. Katherine Munar is a student of Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of the Cordilleras in the City of Baguio, Philippines. She graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in 2015 which landed her jobs in the Business Process Outsourcing industry and Philippine National Government Agencies. Ms. Munar strongly believes that business and technology can be mixed together into a perfect combination which leads to innovation, efficiency, and success of any company or organization. Having been appointed in the healthcare sector based in the Cordilleras (Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center – BGHMC).


Mrs. HE YUN SYUAN is graduate student in Department of Graphic Arts and Communications department at National Taiwan Normal University. Interested in design education, graphic design and  epistemic beliefs.

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Mr. Joseph Kwame Sarfo-Adu

Mr.Joseph Kwame Sarfo-Adu (BA, MA, MA, Msc) is a PhD Student in Public Administration and Management at Gent University, Belgium. His research studies and scholarly articles are aimed at assessing policy designs as well as stages and institutional arrangements for the implementation of Social Protection Programs to ascertain their effectiveness. He has served in the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Brussels, where he carried out research on EU development policies and other related issues on EU-UNIDO cooperation. Prior to that he was an Invigilator at the British Council, EU & Benelux center supervising the IELTS and the Cambridge Examinations. He became a teaching assistant at CERIS – Université libre de Bruxelles Diplomatic School of Brussels, where heinvolved in implementing the university’s research projects and other academic functions. He obtained his Masters in Governance & Development Policy as well as Masters in International Politics in the same institution. He also holds Msc Management from Vrije Universiteit Brussels. He had his undergraduate degree from KNUST, Ghana. He is presenting a paper on the topic ‘Evaluating the impact of Social Protection Programs on the beneficiaries: the case of Ghana